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Choice Retailers in Sweden

Nicofree AB currently markets and produces nicotine-free products with their own distinct "snuff feeling".

The company is located in the small rural village of Trångsviken in the North of Sweden. This mountainous area, best known for fresh air, long winters and an abundance of snow, is home to Nicofree Choice.

The company soon outgrew its first location, an old bank building, and in the Summer of 2004 relocated to larger premises, a disused bakery. In this modern factory 15 emloyees have the capacity to produce a very large number of snuff cans every year.

Nicofree AB
Phone: +46 (0)640 26150
Fax: +46 (0)640 683 066
E-mail: info@nicofree.se

Org. Reg. No./CIN: 556645-6645
Bank giro number: 5696-4026
Postgiro number: 140302-1
Bank: Handelsbanken Krokom (6370)

The company is registered for corporate income tax and VAT.