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Even though most smokers and snuff users want to kick the habit, the use of nicotine is increasing, despite research that clearly shows its toxicity. Many smokers switch to snuff in an effort to reduce their nicotine intake, but in fact snuff creates an even greater nicotine dependency, making it harder to quit.
The average snuff user absorbs the equivalent amount of nicotine to a person smoking 30-40 cigarettes per day. Using snuff, your body absorbs more than just nicotine. There are 2,500 chemicals in snuff, 28 of which are proven cancer-causing substance.

Source: Tobaksfakta

Snuff - a deadly threat to the unborn child

If you are a pregnant woman and switch to snuff or nicotine gum thinking they are safer alternatives to smoking, think again.
A recent Swedish study shows snuff and nicotine gum to be just as deadly a threat to the unborn child as cigarette smoking.