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Choice Retailers in Sweden

Pepper Choice

is a snuff with power and it was the first of our flavours.
The snuff has a peppery but at the same time fresh character
that last a long time.

Mumma Choice

is a snuff that makes you think abour moms cinnamon buns
instead of something else. It does also have a drop of
saltiness in its flavour.

Lemon Choice

is a snuff that have al litter more acid southern taste
that feels fresh under the lip.

Apple Choice

with taste of apple under the lip you have good
conditions bo be a kiss-friendly alternative.

Salt Licorice Choice minipouches

What would life be without a really salty alternative?
Without it containing to much of the good stuff.

Pepper Choice minipuches

Requested by consumers that wants a smaller pouch of
the taste Pepper original. Same taste as Pepper Chocie
but small and dainty under the lip.

Smokey Choice ecological

The pouches are bigger and has a smokey taste.

Menta Piperita, green tea, black tea a taste of pepper
and salt combined with natural flavours.
The taste is smokey and under your lip tasty. We have
chosen to use Chinas green gold for a reason that
you can benfit from.

Chilla Choice

Came out in 2011. It contains Mint, pepper and salt but it is its special ingredients which gives it its character: chili and guarana.